google play rejected for Voice commands xatoligi

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Google Play quyidagi xabarni yubordi:

Hi Developers at Open Whisper Systems,

Thanks for submitting your app for Android Auto. We reviewed your app, Signal Private Messenger, with package name org.thoughtcrime.securesms, and noticed some eligibility issues.

App status: Your app has not been accepted into Android Auto, and the update is not live on Google Play.

Eligibility issues by APK version:
APK Version(s)	Eligibility Issue
230	Your app does not support all of the required voice commands.
You can read more about how to support Voice Actions here:
To be considered for Android Auto:

Make the necessary changes to your app.
Increment the version number of the upgraded APK.
Submit your app for another review.
Or, if you’d like to exclude your app from Android Auto:

Remove the Android Auto manifest entry from your APK code.
Sign in to your Developer Console and upload the new APK.
Click Submit update.

Bu xatolikga sabab nima va unni qanday to'girlash mumkin?

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MandroidMenifest.xml qismini tekshiring, agar quyidagi qismi bo'lsa olib tashlang:


<meta-data android:name=""


Assalomu alaykum, saytimizga xush kelibsiz.

Bu saytda o`zingizni qiziqtirgan savollarga javob olishingiz va o`z sohangiz bo`yicha savollarga javob berishingiz mumkin.

Bizning Oilamizga a'zo bo`lganingiz uchun chuqur Minnatdorchilik bildiramiz !!!

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